Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions:

What is Google Play Gift Card Codes?

Google Play Gift Card Codes are codes that you can use to get a discount code on a certain product you are about to buy on Google Play Store.

Is this Hack Really Working?

Tested over 100,000 of users worldwide and we can't say if this isn't working because it will and will always be. Well, until google close its leaking doors.

How to Get Verified?

It's easy just complete the short and easy survey or enter your mobile number to get PIN code, or enter your email address and verified the link and you are done. Some offers are free and some are paid. TIP: Paid ones are working best.

How much does it cost?

This cost almost nothing because you can get it for free if you get a free offer to get you verified.

How to use these gift codes

go to goolge play store and click on the link where it asks for gift code and enter you code their and you will get credits to buy apps, movies, ebooks, games and more.. You may visit this link to learn more.